Monday, March 22, 2010

TOP 10 “WOW” MOMENTS in recent Hindi Films

by: ASHU

The lights in the theatre dim….the giant screen lights up…the sounds resonate and the colors dance…for the next 2 hours or so, I am transported into a wonderful world. A world full of song and dance, tears and smiles, horror and delight, romance and comedy…That's the magic of Hindi films!

Recently I got thinking about what are some of the moments from some recent Hindi films that have stayed on with me. Moments that have been the money's worth (paisa vasool as they say in Hindi) and moments that have made me fall in love with Bollywood even more.

Here I reproduce for you my top 10 moments

Number 10
The title song from Om Shanti Om

Just getting the 33 stars together for a 5 minute sequence has made Farah Khan, the director, earn a place in the pages of Bollywood history. For many of us the song will serve as a bookmark in our memories of the Bollywood, as it stands today!

Number 9
The train robbery sequence from Dhoom 2

Sets your pulse racing right at the beginning of the film and is an apt teaser of the excitement to follow. Reminds you of the famous train and horses sequence from the classic "Sholay".

Number 8
The introduction scene of Hrithik in Krrish

An "a-ha!" moment for all fans of Swadesi…finally we have our own desi superhero.

Number 7
The climax of "Don"

The 'junglee billi"(wild cat) line from the older version is used so effectively to give a big twist to the tail..oops tale! Makes you start wondering about whether a Don 2 is around the corner…and now we know that it is!!!

Number 6
Guru- Climax

As Abhishek Bachchan asks a stadium full of his shareholders if they want to become the biggest company in the world, your chest swells with Indian pride. A fabulous performance by the junior B which will probably be counted among his finest but which unfortunately was ignored by film awards…

Number 5
Waheeda Rehman receiving the belongings of her dead pilot son in Rang De Basanti.

She stumbles, as if about to faint but then manages to compose herself. A wonderful scene enacted beautifully by one of the greats of Hindi cinema. Lata Mangeshkar's endearing voice in the background singing one of Rehman's best compositions till date also adds to the emotional tones of the scene.

Number 4
Munna Bhai apologizing to Circuit in Lage Raho Munnabhai at behest of Bapu

A rare poignant moment between the otherwise trigger happy comic characters which displays the strength of their bond. Also a profound take on how apologizing may not be the easiest, but is always the right thing to do

Number 3
The "70 minute" speech from Chak De

It is a somber and emotional moment as Shah Rukh Khan- the coach , tells his girls to grab those seventy minutes from anyone who has ever doubted their ability to achieve their dreams. The different stories of all girls flash before your eyes and then you realize that you want them all to win as much as their coach

Number 2
The song 'Khwaja' from Jodhaa Akbar

Never before has the essence of a song been so beautifully captured on celluloid…the expressions of the singers on screen are amazing and by the end its not just Akbar who reaches spiritual ecstasy but the audience as well…

Number 1
The Painting competition from Taare Zameen par

Probably the most natural looking sequence on Hindi film screen ever. Could be any school painting competition, anywhere… and therein lies the brilliance of the picturization. The background song adds to the mood and builds to a crescendo just like the audience's expectations… and finally the masterpieces by the teacher and student are revealed!

Post written by ASHU


  1. Dear Ashu,
    Thanks so much for contributing this article on your favorite moments in recent Hindi cinema! It is a joy to be collaborating with you :-)

  2. this is good ...... i remember each of these scenes from those movies......i don't know if i want to add something new to it......

    good work Ashu....


  3. Not one from 3 idiots..specially the one with vacuum cleaner scene. lolz

  4. Hi Nakli :-) I see you read about my love of the birth scene in 3 idiots. Let me refer you to Joannaji. However, let me equally warn you that even if you are 2 against 1, I will stand my ground...

  5. Thanks Hitesh,

    @ nakli reporter...if there's a scene from 3i that I would like to revisit again and again it would have to be the song "behti hawa sa tha woh"...beautiful home state captured so well on celluloid...I have had several "tourist" inquiries after 3i!

  6. @ Aline...the pleasure is entirely mine!


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