Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PIRACY: A Crime in Controversy

When an anti-piracy law project was being introduced in France in 2009, police brigades took over a district in Paris that is well-known for its shops displaying heaps of pirate Indian DVDs for sale. Today it is the Protect IP Act's turn to be approved in the USA, an event that has been causing much virtual ink to be shed. Going with this sign of the times, the Hindi Cinema Blog cannot help but deeply ponder upon the issue of piracy with its different arguments and counter-arguments, which make it a profoundly complex issue that no one seems to have a current satisfactory solution to. Sadly indeed.

This post is not a sermon to those who recur to purchasing pirate products nor is it our purpose to be the devil's advocate. It is indeed unfortunate but nevertheless true that despite a wide variety in tastes and incomes, most Indian cinema viewers have unfortunately been at some point in the position of supporting piracy through one of the following actions:

- purchasing a DVD at a shop, thinking it is an original copy only to open it at home and discover it is a pirate,
- knowingly buying a pirate DVD at the local video shop
- burning a DVD for another Indian cinema enthusiast
- downloading a film from the Internet for free (some people download films from supposedly law-abiding sites only to find out they have downloaded a pirate copy, while others don't bother with piracy concerns and just want to obtain the film for free).

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