Monday, August 27, 2012


Fanaa is being taken to Brazilian cinemas to woo audiences on the 100th anniversary of Indian cinema.The Kajol-Aamir Khan starrer is the first film to open in 25 different mainstream cinema halls throughout the large Brazilian territory in hopes that the audience will become acquainted with Bollywood cinema and develop a taste for it. If the film does well in its first week, it will continue to run for a second week and possibly increase its screenings to 40 cinemas. The project of its release has been led by Dinesh Sinha and Andre Nascimento, who are at the head of Bollywood Filmes, the new and very first distributor of Indian films in Latin America. They are being supported by the Sao Paulo Center for Indian Culture, Yash Raj, Bollywood Brazil, Mistika and Social Media i9. The Brazilian trailer for the 6 year old film has been created to attract the Brazilian audience.

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