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 Guest post

Fellow blogger Shri Ram Ayyangar is from Bangalore and has an insightful blog called VYANGYAM in which he shares his satirical, social and political views on events around him with his readers. In 2008, he traveled through Madhya Pradesh to visit those places in which he had spent his childhood. This resulted in musings about the cinema halls he used to go back to, time and time again, while growing up. His description of those days is a little gem for lovers of Indian cinema and its history.
It is therefore with great pleasure that the Hindi Cinema Blog welcomes Shri Ram Ayyangar as our guest blogger.

My father was a movie buff when we were young. Because of his interest, our entire family used to go to movies. Those were the days of 50s to 60s when he often used to get transferred from one place to other during his service days in Madhya Pradesh. This gave us a chance to see the cinema theatres of many towns and even small villages in M.P. We all brothers and sisters used to eagerly wait for Sunday when my father used to call me to announce that we are all going to a particular movie that day.
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